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Added: Cyndal Azar - Date: In certain circumstances, a term may only apply to an individual Title or Chapter. In these cases, see the individual Title or Chapter for that definition. Any inconsistency in definitions between Titles or Chapters shall be resolved in favor of the later adopted definition.

Any word or phrase not listed in this Chapter which is in question when administering the Development Regulations shall be defined from one of the following sources which are incorporated herein by reference. Said sources shall be utilized by finding the desired definition Adult personals Carbonado Pierce WA source one, but if it is not available there, then source two may be used, and so on.

The sources are as follows:. Any statute or regulation of the State of Washington i. Any other Pierce County resolution, ordinance, or regulations. Other applicable scientific, technical, or professional manuals. Sites are considered abutting even though the area of contact may be only a point.

The attraction draws people from throughout the area, not just surrounding neighborhoods or the community in which the activity is located. Encouraged uses are retail trade, service, finance, insurance, real estate and multi-family developments which support, or are mutually beneficial to, the recreational, cultural, and educational attractions of the center. Community facilities are also encouraged to locate in Activity Centers.

Discouraged are detached single-family residential uses, auto-oriented commercial development, and industrial, manufacturing, or commercial development which is land intensive and employs a low of employees per acre. Examples of additions may include but aren't limited to: additions affixed to the side of an existing structure or an upper story addition. Criteria for review and control are established through this process to ensure mitigation of any use which is incompatible with adjacent and planned uses, the character of the surrounding area, and any applicable community plans as required by the Comprehensive Plan.

Administrative Review shall be applied when approving Administrative Use Permits. These businesses are recognized as having objectionable characteristics and need to be distanced from other uses such as residential, schools, parks, and community centers. Adult businesses include adult arcades, adult bookstores, adult cabarets, adult motion picture theaters, adult novelty stores, escort services, massage parlors, and public bathhouses.

The term "agricultural activities" as used within this Title does not include the practice of aquaculture. Forest practices regulated under Chapter An alley is not a private road, public road, or right-of-way. A lot line abutting an alley shall be considered an interior or rear yard. This includes und wireless telecommunications services, wireless telecommunications services utilizing frequencies authorized by the Federal Communications Commission for cellular, enhanced specialized mobile radio, personal communications services, facilities for the transmission and reception of radio or microwave als used for communication, cellular phone, personal communications services, and enhanced specialized mobile radio.

Measurement of telecommunication tower height shall include the antenna, base pad, and other appurtenances and shall be measured from the finished grade at the base of the tower to the highest point of the wireless communication facility including all antenna attached to the structure. Unlike the riparian doctrine, appropriation claims to water sources do not require ading land ownership. Many historic rights to water sources have been granted, however, appropriations, may not be absolute under today's competing demands for water resources.

Aquatic bed vegetation does not always reach the surface. Examples of aquifer recharge areas include: 1 Wellhead protection areas delineated pursuant to the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act; and 2 Other areas with a high level of susceptibility or vulnerability to contamination as demonstrated through the use of the DRASTIC Model. The base flood depths range from one to three feet; a clearly defined channel does not exist; the path of flooding is unpredictable and indeterminate; and velocity flow may be evident.

Adult personals Carbonado Pierce WA

A water surface elevation is determined for "AH" zones but not for "AO" zones. It is often used during wetland rating field data form completion to decide what classes are present in a wetland. Areal measurements are those made as if a property was being viewed from the air. The Adult personals Carbonado Pierce WA structure, for example an existing building, tower, water tank, utility pole, etc. All units have ground floor access and are ed to one another only by party walls. Examples are townhouses, triplexes, and fourplexes. Structures connected solely by breezeways, trellises, decks, or similar unenclosed structures shall not be considered attached.

In the case of transportation, the specified time is six years from the time of development. Awnings are temporary or portable devices. This zone extends from the daily low tide mark to where the permanent line of vegetation begins. This technique can be used when a loss of beach has occurred waterward of hard armoring of the shoreline such as just below bulkhe. This loss can be seen when the footings of an older bulkhead become exposed. For the purposes of this definition, a bed and breakfast is not a lodging house.

Adult personals Carbonado Pierce WA

The term "billboard" includes both the structural framework which supports a billboard and any billboard faces attached thereto. There are five of sludge sites. Sites meeting S-1, S 2, and S-3 standards meet established agronomic rates and need no zoning permit. Sites in the S-4 and S-5 are treated as landfills.

Septic tank sludge and products or materials made from biosolids that meet the requirements of Chapter WAC are also classified as biosolids. A brewpub shall be considered a tavern which produces on-site malt beverages. Buffers typically serve to provide a defined area between a more intensive use of land and a land use that is less intensive.

Buffers are typically referenced by the associated critical area such as wetland buffer, riparian buffer, etc. Bulkhe are considered a hard armoring technique. All materials stored outside must be containerized. Examples of buy-back recycling centers include small-scale glass or aluminum buy-back centers. This definition does not include Adult Cabarets as defined in this Chapter. Caliper of the trunk shall be the trunk diameter measured 6" above ground for up to and including 4" caliper size and 12" above ground for larger sizes. Canopies are typically deed for weather protection for vehicles utilizing pumps, drive-up banking, drive-up food service windows, and other similar uses.

Capital improvements have an expected useful life of at least 10 years.

Adult personals Carbonado Pierce WA

Other "capital" costs, such as motor vehicles and motorized equipment, computers and office equipment, office furnishings, and small tools are considered to be minor capital expenses in the County's annual budget, but such items are not Adult personals Carbonado Pierce WA improvements" for the purposes of the Comprehensive Plan, or the issuance of development permits.

Support structure types include, but are not limited to, monopoles, lattice towers, wood poles, or guyed towers. The CMZ is approximated by evidence of channel locations in the last years, but shall not be strictly bounded by this criteria alone.

RCW The remaining land area is devoted to open space, active recreation, preservation of sensitive areas, or agriculture.

Adult personals Carbonado Pierce WA

Code interpretations may also be referred to as "administrative interpretations" or "administrative determinations. The heat is normally used on-site for industrial processes, space or water heating, or production steam. The electric power may be used on-site or distributed through the utility grid, or both. Cogeneration units are normally fired with natural gas, but also may be fueled by oil, biomass, or other fuels.

Encouraged are retail trade, service, finance, insurance, real estate and multi-family developments and community facilities. Discouraged are detached single-family residential uses, auto-oriented commercial development, and industrial, manufacturing or commercial development which is land intensive and employs a low of employees per acre.

Equivalent shall mean that the storage removed shall be replaced by equal volume between corresponding one foot contour intervals that are hydraulically connected to the flooding source through their entire depth. Feedstocks may include, but are not limited to, yard waste, biosolids, manure, or food waste. A facility specializing in composting municipal solid waste garbage is a Municipal Solid Waste Composting Facility.

Natural decay of organic solid waste under uncontrolled conditions is not composting. For transportation improvements, concurrency means that a financial commitment is in place to complete the improvements or strategies within six years. Generally it is a use conditionally permitted in one or more zones as defined by this Title but which, because of characteristics particular to each such use, size, technological processes, equipment, or because of the exact location with respect to surroundings, streets, existing improvements, or demands upon public facilities, requires a special degree of control to determine if uses can be made compatible with the Comprehensive Plan, adjacent uses, planned uses, and the character of the vicinity.

Real property is not a condominium unless the undivided interests in the common elements are vested in the unit owners, and unless a declaration and a binding site plan have been recorded pursuant to this Title. The conservation easement may allow continued current uses, including but not limited to, residential, recreational, agriculture, forestry, or ranching; however, the easement most often restricts both the current use as well as future uses of the land to some important conservation quality such as habitat preservation, open space, or scenic views.

The term encompasses both simple transfers of dwelling units from one site to another and more complex conversions of density Adult personals Carbonado Pierce WA. On a corner lot, all yards abutting street rights-of-way shall be considered front yards. These parks provide active and passive recreation opportunities and may incorporate natural open space.

Sites can range from to acres, depending on the primary purpose and usage of the site. For purposes of the National Flood Insurance Program Elevation Certificate, a crawlspace that has subgrade around all sides shall be considered a basement when the distance from the crawlspace floor to the top of the next higher floor is more than five feet, or the crawlspace floor is more than two feet below the exterior grade on all sides.

Adult personals Carbonado Pierce WA

Critical facilities include, but are not limited to, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, police and fire stations, emergency response installations, installations that produce, use or store hazardous materials or hazardous waste, or installations that have the capacity for large s of people. For purposes of the Title 18 PCC series, "critical facilities" is a generic term that encompasses other more specific terms such as essential facilities, hazardous facilities, or special occupancy structures, but does not include utility facilities utilities that are located underground or are predominately underground, do not aggravate the hazardous conditions, and are generally not subject to damage from flood or lahar inundation.

This root zone is generally the area surrounding a tree at a distance which is generally equal to one foot for every d. Where no curb elevation has been established, the mean elevation of the finished lot grade immediately adjacent to a building shall be considered the curb level.

This term shall include, but not be limited to, "preschools" and "nursery schools. The intention to dedicate shall be evidenced by the owner by the presentment for filing of a final plat or short plat showing the dedication thereon; and, the acceptance by the public shall be evidenced by the owner by the presentment for filing of a final plat or short plat showing the dedication thereon; and, the acceptance by the public shall be evidenced by the approval by the County.

Solid waste facilities, such as inert or limited purpose landfills, material resource recovery facilities, or other types of recycling processing facilities which handle demolition waste must meet the permitting requirements of State and local solid waste regulations for the particular type of facility proposed. Within this deation acre minimum lot sizes are required. Undeveloped Area specifically includes undisturbed lands and unimproved graded lands, e. For purposes of the Title 18 PCC series, construction and utility regulations such as building standards, fire standards, sewer utility standards, and Health Department standards are not considered development regulations or land use controls.

The review and approval is discretionary because not all of the approval requirements are objective, i.

Adult personals Carbonado Pierce WA

Preliminary Plats utilizing PDDs to develop a cluster layout, short plats subject to ASPRs or preliminary plats subject to SPRs are specifically vested for policies and regulations at the time of application per State law and thus are not covered under this definition. Districts are located along major arterials, state highways and major transit routes that connect to Major Urban, Activity, Community or Employment Centers. The asment of tax parcel s by the Assessor-Treasurer's Office is not a division.

Also referred to as "large woody debris. A driveway is the same width as the curb cut excluding any aprons or extensions of the curb cut. A driveway begins at the property line and extends into the site. The facility normally serves the general public with loose Adult personals Carbonado Pierce WA and receives waste from off-site.

The dry sewer lines shall be constructed from the future connection point in the existing public right-of-way or private road easement to each and every structure that it serves. The Building Sewer extending from the dry sewer stub to the structure will not be installed until such time as a building permit application is submitted for said structure.

All rooms comprising a dwelling unit shall have access through an interior door to other parts of the dwelling unit.

Adult personals Carbonado Pierce WA Adult personals Carbonado Pierce WA

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