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Election Voter Registration. Lieutenant Don Hollingshead of the Laramie County Sheriff's Department was one of only twenty-five 25 law enforcement officers from around our country selected to attend this first of its kind training. The Homeland Security Leadership Academy provided participants not only with courses on crisis management, leadership, and terrorism awareness, but also gave participants the opportunity to engage their fellow senior law enforcement leaders from across the country. Topics discussed included timely matters such as mental health issues, public perception of police and community safety.

A person representing themselves as an employee with the Laramie County Sheriff's Office has been calling citizens. Some of the scammers have been using actual Deputy's names. They inform the person that they have a warrant for their arrest, due to a failure to show up on a jury summons. The person is instructed to buy a prepaid credit card to pay the fines or they would be arrested. The scammers ask for the credit card s to be given to them over the phone. The Laramie County Sheriff's Office will never ask you to buy a prepaid card and will not request credit card information over the phone.

If you receive one of these calls, do not give the person any personal or credit card information. If you have any questions please call or to speak with a Deputy. Deputies interviewed the parent of the child, David Kinseley, and it was learned the 8 year old child was part of the "Project Lifesaver Program. According to the Weather Channel the temperature at the time of the call was approximately 33 degrees.

The searchers began their search in the block of Waltersheid. The searchers were using hand held receivers. A strong al was received near the property the child was reported missing from.

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Deputies found the child hiding under a horse trailer that was located approximately feet from the house. The child was wearing a brown coat and blue jeans. Deputies last responded to this address on when the child was located in the block of Derr Ave. Deputies received the call at approximately hours.

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The parents spent some time looking for the child prior to calling law enforcement. Deputies using the Project Life Saver receivers arrived on scene at hours and the child was located at approximately hrs. Linda Gesell Deputies interviewed the parents of the child, David and Tommie Kinseley, and it was learned the 7 year old child was part of the "Project Lifesaver Program.

According to the Weather Channel the temperature at the time of the call was in the 30 degree range but felt like 20 degrees. A strong al was received in the block of Derr Ave. A search of the area found the child in the southeast corner of a yard in the block of Derr on the ground by a trampoline. The child was located at approximately hrs. The child was unharmed but cold. Total time from the beginning to end of the call was 44 minutes. Total search time for the child was 18 minutes. The child was wearing blue jeans and a dark green Carhart jacket. The child was possibly upset and that is why he left the residence.

The Laramie County Sheriff's Office wants to warn you about scam artists sending out real looking checks in an attempt to get you to send money! Here's how the Fake Check scam works.

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Scam artists send you an official looking letter claiming to be Mega Millions. The letter illegally uses Publishers Clearing House in an attempt to build trust. These offers are not affiliated in any way with Publishers Clearing House! The letter encloses a real looking check that may appear legitimate. Even your bank may be fooled. You will be instructed to immediately contact a representative that has been ased to assist you.

Even though the check is bogus, if you deposit the check, the money may be available to you for a short time. Under federal law, banks make the funds you deposit available quickly, usually within one to five days, depending on the type of check. But just because you can withdraw the money doesn't mean the check is good. It can take weeks for the forgery to be discovered and the check to bounce.

And that's what the scam artists are counting on. They hope that if you believe the check is real you'll be willing to send them money back. The scammer may tell you that you were given an advance on a sweepstakes prize and that some fee, tax or additional payment is necessary.

You may be told you are being paid the first installment on millions and that you will receive more after wiring a portion back. Whatever the set-up in the scam offers, the are the same. If you send money back you'll be out twice.

YOU are responsible for checks or monies deposited into your. The Laramie County Sheriff's Office will be at three locations this coming Saturday April 26th from AM through PM to take back any unwanted, unused, prescription, or, over the counter drugs. The Sheriff's Office will other local law enforcement agencies in continuing this successful program at three additional locations for county residents.

This Sheriff's Office has taken in over pounds of unused and unwanted prescription drugs since the program inception. The purpose of these Drug Take Back Day's is to allow citizens to safely dispose of unused or unwanted prescription drugs in an environmentally safe manner and keep those drugs out of the hands of unauthorized persons or juveniles.

Drugs that have been taken in have ranged from over the counter drugs to narcotic prescription pills and liquids. Once again, no illegal drugs, sharps, thermometers, oxygen containers, radioactive materials, pressurized containers, or chemotherapy drugs will be accepted.

Impaired driving enforcement to be stepped up on Super Bowl Sunday. Sheriff Danny Glick advises that "before choosing to drink, choose a sober deated driver. Expect city, county and state law enforcement to have a visible presence and to stop anyone who drinks and drives. The Super Bowl brings families, friends and fans together each year to enjoy the excitement of the big game. These gatherings should end safely, not with tragedy. Law enforcement and the Wyoming Governor's Council on Impaired Driving are working to spread this message to the public.

Last year in Wyoming, there were alcohol related crashes resulting in 31 fatalities. According to the U. Drunk driving fatalities ed for 31 percent of all motor vehicle traffic fatalities in the United States. With winter arriving in full force early in the season, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released a thorough checklist of how to prepare for and navigate through winter driving conditions.

With the third snowstorm of the season hitting the midwest, we narrow the list to some key pointers. And a cell phone with charger, water, food, and any necessary medicine for longer trips or when driving in lightly populated areas. For gasoline or diesel engines, be aware that it takes more battery power to start your vehicle in cold weather than in warm weather. For electric or hybrid-electric vehicles, several things can be done to minimize the drain on the batteries.

If the vehicle has a thermal heating pack for the batteries, make sure your vehicle is plugged in whenever it is not in use. If the vehicle has a pre-heat function to warm the car interior, set it to warm the passenger compartment before you unplug it in the morning.

Check windshield wipers and consider buying heavy-duty winter wipers. Wipers are fairly straightforward to change and can take less than 10 minutes to swap out. Check your floor mats. Make sure the driver-side mats haven't slid under the pedals. If there are hooks to anchor the mats, make sure the mats are in place. Check your tires. You can find the correct pressure for your tires listed on the label inside the driver's doorframe or in the vehicle owner's manual. The correct pressure is NOT the listed on the tire. Also, check to make sure the tread is sufficient with no uneven wear, and that the rubber is in good overall condition.

Note that tire rubber starts to degrade after several years, and older tires may need to be replaced even if they have not seen much wear. Before moving your car, clean snow, ice or dirt from the windows, the forward sensors, headlights, tail lights and backup camera. Familiarize yourself with directions and maps before you go, even if you use a GPS system, and let others know your route and anticipated arrival time.

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Drive slowly. It's harder to control or stop your vehicle on a slick or snow-covered surface. On the road, increase your following distance enough so that you'll have plenty of time to stop for vehicles ahead of you. A word of caution about braking: Know what kind of brakes your vehicle has and how to use them properly. In general, if you have antilock brakes, apply firm, continuous pressure.

If you don't have antilock brakes, pump the brakes gently. If you find yourself in a skid, stay calm and ease your foot off the gas while carefully steering in the direction you want the front of your vehicle to go. This steering maneuver may require additional counter-steering before you can regain full control of the vehicle. Continue to stay off the pedals gas and brake until you are able to regain control of your vehicle.

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