Domme girl for me

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Here is a little advice from me to you on how to not end up on a woman's ignore list. I feel that I speak for most women on these matters, however, if you are sub or switch male looking for a Domme partner I caution you to pay particular attention. Some of this may seem ridiculous, but trust me, it obviously needs to be said. This is probably the fastest way to being blocked. I know men are proud of their manhood, but women are generally not impressed. Most women have met enough dicks to know that even a nice one isn't worth it without other redeeming qualities. One of my favorite quotes: "A big dick is a bore if it is attached to a big dick" All kidding aside, this is sexual harassment and is illegal just about everywhere.

Don't do it unless she has requested it. Do not send message, after message, after message, when they are going unanswered. I offer two thoughts on this. First, there may be a good reason for the delay, like she took a phone call, forgot to log off, is writing a blog post, or even has a life to live. Second, it is just plain annoying, and difficult to communicate in such a way. Respect her time, and actions. While I can't speak for all women, I highly doubt this works I actually care about chemistry, compatability, and like interests in and out of BDSM, and the fact that you don't is a monumental turn off.

Another qualifier for this category Men are often surprised at what Domme women, or women in general, find offensive. We as women are fully aware of all the ways you want to use our bodies for your satisfaction. If you can't get your message across without perversive speech, don't bother to say it.

Keep in mind, sex may not be her motivator. She may just want to talk, meet people, make friends, or other non sexual interactions. This is in the context of initial consideration to be in a dynamic with her. Her word is law. If she doesn't want you, there is a good reason. If I get a message that does not violate any of the above criteria, I will read every bit of someone else's profile. This is your opportunity to make a first impression. If you don't care about that, you can't expect me to be impressed.

Additionally, I have chosen to include important information in my profile including what I am looking for, if I'm even looking, and what I don't want. Reading it before you message could save you a lot of time and may actually give us something to talk about. Some girls my like this, and that is ok. Talking to a Domme woman like that is a really bad idea. You risk coming off as exceedingly condesending. If you are a Dom male, please respect my role.

I have no interest in subbing for a Dom, and such a shallow advance is frankly offensive. Before readily dismissing all this as pretentious, feminist bullshit please consider what I'm really asking. These are some standards for general respectable behavior. Just because you are on a kink site doesn't mean respectable conduct goes out the window. Keep in mind that women on kink sites, regardless of role, are probably approached daily, maybe even multiple times a day by men.

Here are some statistics In my experience, Dom men to sub females are about 2 to 1. Submissive men to Domme women are more like 10 to 1. If you dont believe me, take a look at the personals right here.

Domme girl for me

If you are a male oriented sub looking for a Domme, you are in a very competitive position, and simply making yourself available may not be enough. I will also add that this advice is in no way where your responsibilities end as a prospective sub. This simply outlines likely expectations if you want a reply to your message or ongoing conversation with a Domme woman. In Register. Online now. Femdom Expression; Raw, Honest, Genuine A blog of the opinions and perspective of a lifestyle Domme including thoughts, discussion, and experience.

Intended to be thought provoking, enlightening, and educational, with focus on healthy dynamics, pratical applications and a realism not found in professional resources. To the blog Posts Follow blog. Nov 7,PM. Dang near all of these are put into application all day, every day.

Thank You, Bellona. You never fail us in Your renderings.

Domme girl for me

I enjoy it, mentorship, and all things BDSM. May i add Dont drunk message or message while under any influence. It disrespects the Domme you are interested in and disrespects yourself.

Domme girl for me

While most people can understand that mistakes are made while under the influence, the biggest issue is that one cannot consent, which is essential for obvious reasons? Bunnie - Such truth It shows a lack of focus, attention to detail and interest in me as a person.

Domme girl for me

My profile is clear that I am not looking but would consider it for the right person. I tell them to read my profile then get back to me. They never do. Respect is the critical point here. So very well said! You must be registered and ed in to comment Register in.

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Domme girl for me

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