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On FriendsRoss and Chandler were portrayed as two guys who were losers in love, while Joey was the friend who got all the women due to his impressive skills in wooing love interests. However, Joey ended up being the one alone when the series finished and, while he had a long list of romances, he had only a few women with whom he formed a true connection.

By pairing her with Joey, Friends gave us the worst storyline it had in its ten years. While Rachel was a good person, her mismatched coupling with Joey makes her the bottom-ranked girl on this list. She only hooked up with Joey because it would infuriate Phoebe, and then promptly dumped him when he got too clingy. Heckles Was Murdered What can we say about someone who seems to perpetually unfaithful? With Joey, it appeared as if Kathy was just one of many women to fall for his looks and magnetism, and Joey kept her around simply because he had no other girl to pursue.

Even after she cheated on him, Joey was angry at Chandler, not Kathy. From what we can make of Lauren, she liked Joey quite a lot and was one of the few who actually thought of him as a good actor. Unfortunately, she was never treated as someone important and was dumped quite soon.

Joey could have done with some smarts in his life, and he made such an attempt when he was dating Charlie, who also turned out to be something of a Kathy situation as she jumped from Joey to Ross to her former love interest. The good thing with Charlie and Joey, though, was that we had some funny moments where Joey tried to fit in with a woman who was so much smarter than him.

Like Lauren, Katie deserves a higher spot despite having a one-time appearance, since it appears she liked being with Joey. It was only because she liked to punch him all the time that Joey had a problem, and even that was done because she was fond of him.

Of course, it turned out she liked to punch anyone for no real reason, even after it crossed the point of being inappropriate, so it was for the best that Joey had Rachel beat her up to make Katie break up with him. There must have been something special about Angela. Sure, Kate came across as a very selfish person who liked to be with men in a position of power to influence her career, but she was the first true love interest Joey had.

Due to his interest in her, we finally saw Joey get a real storyline and evolve in the mindset of a lover. He did his best to have Kate see how genuinely he liked her, and she in turn finally tried to be more pleasant when she and Joey got together. Unfortunately, her career still mattered more to her by the end.

Friend s or gf

The problem with Erin was that she was basically Joey in female form, as she was a fun person who shared his interests Disregarding that, though Erin was a breezy character who liked to make others laugh, and Joey certainly came to see that. Like the character of Bernadette on The Big Bang TheoryMelanie was nice, caring, and nurturing toward Joey, to the point it seemed like she was quite motherly for him.

They had an intense connection where attraction was concerned, and she became a sort of mentor for him in the acting department. It went further than that too, as Joey was the first person who got Cecilia to open up emotionally and encouraged her to follow her opportunities rather than settle for more of the same. Also, considering how many times Joey got dumped bad, this was a clean parting that makes us wish Cecilia had reunited with Joey in the future.

Friend s or gf

If the show had wanted, it could have made Janine the final girl for Joey, as she shared a deep friendship with him before they became a couple. The only problem was her dislike for Chandler and Monica, barring which there were no issues with Joey. Janine also made Joey appreciate his feminine qualities, along with making him more of an understanding person who was able to adapt to change and compromise. Plus, these two looked like such an attractive couple that we still rue how Monica and Chandler got between them.

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Friend s or gf

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Friend s or gf

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