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When practising as a nurse you must hold a practising certificate APC. Nurses who practise without a practising certificate may be referred to a professional conduct committee. This is available on our home and can be used to confirm your current practising status. Applications for practising certificates are always considered on an individual basis.

If you have any questions about your eligibility or whether you require a practising certificate in your current role, please. Please use the link on the right of your screen to log in and renew your APC. The Council is required to define practising, to determine whether a nurse has maintained the required standard of continuing competence and whether a nurse requires a practising certificate.

Looking for practice date

Nursing practice is using nursing knowledge in a direct relationship with clients or working in nursing management, nursing administration, nursing education, nursing research, nursing professional advice or nursing policy development roles, which impact on public safety. This means that a person who has the responsibilities of a nurse as defined by the Nursing Council scopes of practice and is using their nursing knowledge in a direct relationship with clients should hold a practising certificate.

If a nurse is employed in one of the other roles set out in the definition, they may not require a practising certificate unless their role impacts on public safety. The purpose of this definition is to ensure that nurses who are in a direct nursing relationship with clients or whose role impacts on public safety comply with the requirements of the Act. The Act aims to ensure that nurses have maintained the required standard of competence to protect public safety, such as ongoing professional development and the completion of the required of hours of practice.

The definition and its requirements do not extend to nurses who no longer have nursing responsibilities but who choose to continue working in the health care sector.

Looking for practice date

The definition may include some practitioners who are working as nurses but whose employers have not ly required them to hold practising certificates. For more information, please. If you return to practise outside your normal quarter renewal, a practising certificate is issued for an adjusted period and the fee will be adjusted accordingly.

If you are newly registered the same principle applies and you will be asked to pay for an APC that brings your annual renewal date in line with everyone else with a birthday in the same quarter. This will be valid for either:. This is not permitted under the Act and may lead to disciplinary action.

To protect public safety, employers also have a responsibility to ensure that the nurses in their workplace hold current APCs. If you are no longer practising or do not intend to practise after your APC expires, you do not need to renew. This could be because you are:. Nurses can give the Council their address by ing: nznurse nursingcouncil. Code of Conduct. Keeping the public safe. State Final Examinations Sample examinations. News News Archive. Meet the Council. Home » Nursing » Annual practising certificates. Definition of practising The Council is required to define practising, to determine whether a nurse has maintained the required standard of continuing competence and whether a nurse requires a practising certificate.

All fees quoted include the compulsory disciplinary levy and GST. This could be because you are: retired currently practising overseas not returning to practise or on a break. Annual Practising Certificates.

Looking for practice date

International Registration. Continuing competence.

Looking for practice date

Recertification audits. Standards and guidelines. How to become a nurse. Register as a nurse. Scopes of Practice. Enrolled Nurse.

Looking for practice date

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Looking for practice date

Returning to practice. Search the register. Verifications or letters of good standing.

Looking for practice date Looking for practice date

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